Solid freight transportation equipment!

At Transport Paradis, we use the latest equipment to ensure that it is reliable and meets the stringent standards of the freight transportation industry. Every second month, we perform strict quality controls on all trailers, far surpassing the four-month requirement set out in the Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP). Additionally, we conduct visual inspections and brake adjustments on all tractors every two weeks. Finally, to maintain our ongoing proactivity when it comes to meeting your needs, we keep our parts inventory fully stocked on a continuous basis. Thanks to our solid equipment, you can also enjoy peace of mind while your freight is being transported by road!

Heavy truckload

At Transport Paradis, we’ve come to specialize in heavy haul trucking in Ontario and Quebec. Our fleet, including 85 quad-axle enclosed trailers and a number of quad-axle curtainside trailers, is recent and subjected to ongoing maintenance to ensure that your freight gets to its destination securely and on time.

Specialized transportation

Transport Paradis is equipped with one high-clearance enclosed trailer. Also called a high-cube in the road freight transportation industry, our high-clearance trailer is 110” in height. Learn more about our specialized TL transportation service.

General freight transportation

Our general freight transportation fleet includes 35 tri-axle enclosed trailers and a number of tri-axle curtainside trailers used for both TL transportation and LTL transportation.

Other freight transportation equipment

Besides its 43 road tractors, Transport Paradis retains the services of two independent owner operators.

Storage trailers

Available for weekly, monthly or yearly rental, our 10 storage trailers are a cost-effective solution for the mobile storage of your goods. Visit our Storage Trailers page for more information about our trailer rental services.


Located near Highways 40 and 55 in central Quebec, our 10,800 sq. ft. main building features 6,000 sq. ft. of secure, heated, enclosed storage areas. Visit our Other Services page to learn more about our customized storage services.