Road freight transportation – a family affair!

The trucking company Transport et entreposage Paradis opened its doors in Bécancour in central Quebec on December 8, 1995, with a fleet of just three road tractors and five trailers. At the time, Jacques Paradis and sons David and Étienne made the decision to uphold the entrepreneurial heritage of previous generations by giving their company the Paradis name.

Between 1995 and 2000, Transport Paradis gradually expanded its truck fleet, equipment and workforce. By the turn of the century, the trucking company was able to purchase the lot where the head office of Transport et entreposage Paradis currently stands at 1300 Le Neuf Avenue in Bécancour, Quebec, with the objective of establishing a strategic position for growing its road freight transportation business in Quebec – Ontario.

During the early years of the trucking company Transport Paradis, Jacques Paradis guided his sons in all aspects of the business, from market development to company operations and administration to transportation logistics. During the same period, Jacqueline Béliveau-Paradis, matriarch of Transport Paradis, looked after the trucking company’s finances and trained the administrative staff.
Working at the family business, David and Étienne Paradis spent time learning and gaining experience in every position at the trucking company to develop their skills and expertise in road freight transportation while also helping to build a highly loyal client base. Today, David is the CEO responsible for day-to-day operation of the carrier, while Étienne oversees dispatching for the province of Quebec.

Entering its third decade, the trucking company Transport Paradis now relies on a greatly expanded team that includes a dispatcher for Ontario as well as mechanics, drivers and administrative staff.

Both David and Étienne now provide daily support to the company’s customers along with secure, fast transportation services. Every day, they go above and beyond to far exceed their customers’ expectations by listening to their needs and striving to build long-term relationships of trust with them. With their proactive, straightforward and dedicated approach, David and Étienne have made Transport et entreposage Paradis the road partner of the company’s customers throughout Quebec and Ontario by providing reliable transportation services.

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