Freight transportation information

This section contains all the information you need to arrange freight transportation in Ontario and Quebec. If you do not see the information you need below, please feel free to contact us, and we will be pleased to respond to your inquiry promptly.

Transport Paradis

PMP certification (JPG)
SAAQ certification of preventative maintenance programs for heavy equipment

Insurance Certificate 2017

IFTA permit 2017 (PDF)

SAAQ Register Identification Number

Forms and information

Bill of lading (PDF)
Download our bill of lading

Rate inquiry (PDF)
Complete this form and submit it to us to find out a rate

Credit application (PDF)
Complete this form and submit it to us to open an account

Vehicle load and size limits (thaw periods) (PDF)
Consult the vehicle load and size limits applicable during the spring thaw

Useful links

Training in transportation of dangerous goods

Information on transportation and warehousing in Quebec

History of road transportation in Canada

Spring thaw
Consult this website for information applicable during the spring thaw.

Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)

Road transportation in Canada