Other freight transportation services

At Transport Paradis, we are equipped to offer you a full range of freight transportation services. Whether you need space to store your goods or have a less-than-truckload shipment to deliver, our team will identify the service that most effectively meets your freight transportation requirements. Contact us today to take advantage of our storage or LTL transportation services in Ontario or Quebec.


We offer freight storage services directly out of our main building. Strategically located in central Quebec, our warehouse is secure, heated and enclosed to ensure proper storage of your goods. Contact us to learn more about our turnkey service or our competitive storage rates. We also offer storage trailer rental service.

LTL Transportation in Ontario and Quebec

At Transport Paradis, although our main focus is TL freight transportation, we are also pleased to offer LTL transportation service in Ontario and Quebec. Contact us directly for more information and the conditions applicable to our LTL transportation service.